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Join date: May 27, 2022


😀 Hello SPVHC, I joined Action K9 Sports, the SPVHC Club in October 2021, with my German Shepherd puppy, Luna, 5 months at the time; Luna is just 1 year old now. I met wonderful people, members, and was greeted kindly by Terry Parrish and Steven Kilgore; Luna and I learned a lot during our first visit, meet & greet; I am very grateful for that. Although we live in BH, LA County, and there is quiet a dive to the Club, not counting current auto gas expenses, specially nowadays, our trip, the fun, the meeting other Club members is well worth it. I enjoy the potluck lunches on certain Sundays, and contributing with some of my special treats for people to enjoy. I am a semi-retired CA licensed physician, a PH Officer, a Pediatrician, and a Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon. I enjoy my profession immensely, and being able to help others with many greater, unmet, and special needs. We look forward attending future herding Trials, including instinct testing, and, if qualified, starting herding training. Cheers and Best Wishes to everyone at SPVHC, Happy Herding! 😁😎😉

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