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I need to start by saying that Zoey is a weirdo...

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I need to start by saying that Zoey is a weirdo; she has always been, and always will be a little odd even for Cattle Dog standards. I still remember the day we went to the ranch for her Instinct Test with Terry.
We were waiting for our turn and Zoey was being herself by ignoring dogs, people, and stock while the other dogs were excited just by being there. When our turn came, we entered the arena and in a heartbeat things changed. She let her instincts prevail and she was hooked! Well maybe I'm hooked and she is herding just to please me... but that's another story!
Two years later, if I mention the word "sheep" or we arrive at the ranch, Zoey starts yapping like an excited baby and she is ready to go.
It has been truly great and our bond is even stronger now thanks to the hours of training and the whole herding experience. As a plus, I met amazing people with whom I am sharing the same love for dogs and the outdoors; it has been so rewarding! -Raffa Fior & Zoey
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Are mini ACDs too small to learn to herd sheep?

Barbara DiLucchio

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