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Learn To Herd

Ask yourself, does your dog chase everything that moves?? Is he gathering up all the dogs at Dog Park, creating friction? Do you need Rotator Cuff surgery from throwing a toy for an inexhaustible pet?

Does your dog need a JOB?

So many of the very active, highly intelligent dogs out there come from HERDING breeds and need to be able to USE that talent to be happy and healthy. Our instinct tests are designed to allow your dog to indulge in that talent and provides opportunity for YOU to join in!

What is an Instinct Test?

The dog, owner and a qualified tester go into a small pen with tame sheep and the dog is encouraged to begin moving them.  The owners job is to be a cheering section, making it a fun new game.  Once the dog shows it's willingness to be involved we start helping the dog begin its first herding endeavor.  

What is the objective of the test?

 It should be called a herding test as some dogs don’t manifest “herding” automatically but rather “prey” drive.  Prey drive, effectively modified, turns into herding.  We look for a dog that wants to move the sheep; i,e, chase at the beginning.  If the dog ONLY chases and won’t stop, we can’t use them for herding.  If they allow us to change the chase behavior into a collection (circling) of the stock, that’s what we want! 

What's next?

To get started, fill out the Instinct Test Entry Form and the Liability Waiver. After submitting the online forms, Terry Parrish will contact you either by phone or email to set up a day and time for your to come out and test your dog. 

We do instinct tests; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday by appointment. There is a one time cost of $100.​

If you have questions prior to your testing day or have any other questions, please reach out to Terry. 

760-739-8673 or

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Instinct Test Entry Form

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Thanks for registering for the instinct test. Talk with you soon!

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