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Action K9 Sports

where we train you to train your dog

Our Facility
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Action K9 Sports began in 1985 as the San Pasqual Herding Facility. It was established by Terry Parrish as a place for ANY herding dog, regardless of breed, to come out and enjoy the herding life. Terry Parrish is the owner and operator of Action K9 Sports, owns 150 head of sheep for training and sheep herding trial purposes. 


Action K9 Sports sits on 6 acres of land across the road from the San Diego Safari Park in Escondido, California. Ten minutes off of the 15 Freeway. 

Our Facility
Herding Lessons

Action K9 Sports offers herding lessons to people who are completely new to the sport and to people who have been herding for years. Each instructions are tailored to the breed of the dog, as loose-eyed dogs work differently than strong-eyed dogs. We work with dogs from the age of 6 months to dogs even up to ten years old! 

As you and your dog advance as a team, we have multiple different size arenas, including open fields, that will allow for you to advance as a handler.  

New to Herding
See if your dog is wants to herd, sign up for our Herding
Instinct Test.


Would you like to fine tune your herding training. Look into our lessons for experienced handlers

Meet Our 

Each of our trainers bring a unique training background to our clients and their dogs.

What People Are Saying

"Thank you so much for yesterday. Joey is getting to be a more confident, happier dog and I am getting to be a more confident, happier dog owner, which is wonderful for all of us."

—  Barb Moran & Joey

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